This recent photo is doctored to show what it might look like if the Old School is no longer standing on its prime 2 acres in the heart of  downtown Cable. Without the School, the view looking east from the Post Office, our King Realty office and the Ideal Market would be very different – a wide gap with the the helicopter pad wind sock and fire department building in view and a vista of an asphalt parking area with a flat, treeless field stretching back to Randysek Rd. 

This 2 acres in Cable is key real estate.  It is the logical place for Cable’s downtown expansion. It is the only large piece of Commercial 2 zoned property downtown and is essential for drawing new business into town. 

Yes, the Old School holds fond memories for residents, and restoring the building would be a great thing.  But, the school has also become the elephant in the room, blocking the door to Cable’s future.  It is costly to restore old buildings – ask Bill King who renovated the Ideal Market in Cable.  The Ideal Market project turned out to be a big success and now houses 3 Cable businesses – 3 businesses that did not exist here until the building was restored. However, it is also costly to leave old buildings to decay, especially on the best expansion real estate left in the downtown. 

If you have any interest at all in the School, the Land – any ideas for saving or re-purposing this property, please contact Bill King at King Realty.  Here is a link to the Old School listing on this web site.



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