Wendy CLM volunteerThere’s more sides to the real estate business than listing and selling property.  The excellent water quality of our Northwestern Wisconsin lakes and streams is a big selling point for vacation home buyers.  We need to protect our water resource, and one way to do that is to become a CLM volunteer.

King Realty’s office manger Wendy has been a CLM volunteer since 2000.  She takes secchi disk readings, monitors temperature and dissolved oxygen and sends water samples to the State Lab for phosphorus and chlorophyll testing.  The data she gathers goes into the WI DNR lake data base that provides historical documentation of a lake’s water quality and alerts the DNR to potential lake quality problems.

The past few years Bill King has assisted Wendy during sampling.  He records the data for her and provides the muscle for rowing the boat to the sample site on the 83-acre lake they live on near Cable, WI.

The DNR posts all the lake data reports on their website.  Click here to view reports on your favorite lake.  The lakes are listed by county and even include lake maps.  Have fun exploring!

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