This property is stunning. Historically, this northern country has been a place of big land and big dreams. Fortunes in logging and railroading were made here at the turn of the century, and this 280-acre estate still has the feel of a wilderness with soaring eagles, abundant wildlife and lake shoreline stretching along most of the eastern border.

The 4BR/2BA stone country house sits on the shores of Herring Lake. The elegant interior features original hardwood & pine floors, baseboard moulding and window casings, panel doors, an open staircase and a wrap-around, 4 season porch.  This stone structure is a beauty and stands tall and strong as a testament to the stone masonry of the early 20th century.

There is also a newer, heated 4-car garage with stonework that matches the home.  The carriage-style garage has an open 2nd level rimmed with windows that spill light into the room and give panoramic views of Herring Lake and the surrounding woodlands.  A classic, full-size, red barn sits apart from the dwellings – towards the Wiley Lake and Cable Lake shoreline on this property.  In superb condition, it has a cement floor and a loft.

This spectacular setting is accessed from a gated, extremely private and beautiful ½ mile drive that winds through the 280 acres that make up this exceptional estate.  It passes through forest and wood lots including a red pine plantation with a road that veers off to a landing on Henry Lake.  The drive passes by the west end of Cable Lake and a picnic area with a small dock before arriving at the splendid home site.

There are many bodies of water connected to this estate and the amount of lake shore included is astounding and very rare!  Cable and Wiley Lake are joined by a narrow passage.  Cable Lake is 166 acres and 43 ft. deep, and Wiley Lake is 60 acres and 25 ft. deep.  This unique property has about 5,778 ft. of frontage on Cable Lake and about 2,176 ft. of frontage on Wiley Lake.  All of 37-acre Herring Lake is included (the home’s setting), and there is also 1,500 ft. of frontage on Henry Lake.  The truly amazing thing is all of this is only 3 miles from Cable, WI.

Extremely rare; extremely private – there is so much to see here. It has been said that every story begins at the moment when nothing is ever the same again.  Maybe this is the property that will bring you that moment, change your life, and your story will begin – here – in Cable, WI.