Crystal Lake is a clear water seepage lake with a maximum depth of 29 feet.   At 117 acres, 43% of the lake is deeper than 20 feet.  Mostly firm-bottomed, 90% of Crystal Lake’s shoreline bottom is sand, gravel or rock.  The lake is managed for walleye, and there is a public boat ramp on the south side of the lake.

This is a fabulous swimming lake because of the clarity, sandy bottom and gradual depths.  We have a Crystal Lake 2 Bedroom Cabin For Sale that you can VIEW HERE.

Diamond Lake is Crystal Lake’s big sister.   Diamond Lake covers 322 acres.  It is 83 feet deep with a mean depth of 33 feet and is very clear.  Diamond Lake’s shoreline bottom is 90% gravel and sand.

Water chemistry test results for Diamond Lake show it is very healthy.  Last summer chlorophyll readings averaged 3.4 micrograms/ liter.  The Northwest Georegion average was 15.4 for our northern Wisconsin lakes. Lower is better – so Diamond’s reading is excellent.  Last summer’s Total Phosphorus average for Diamond Lake was 10.9 micrograms/liter and well below the threshold of 20 micrograms/liter that signals the possibility of algal blooms.

Diamond Lake’s fishery includes panfish, small mouth bass, walleye and northern.  There is a small public boat landing on the lake’s south shore.

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Check out the DIAMOND LAKERS web site for more information on both Crystal and Diamond Lake.

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