I’ve been a sauna fan since my 20’s and have always had a wood-fired sauna either right inside my home or a short walk from my back door.   I take long, hot saunas year round.   They make me feel healthy, help me sleep easy and sharpen my mind.   Saunas liven up the body and soul.   Relaxation, improved blood circulation and stress reduction are sauna benefits.  Saunas can relieve aching muscles and help to purge toxins in the body.  There is nothing like a slow, warming sauna and misting steam to calm you down (mentally and physically) after a vigorous ski, bike or run.  Of course it isn’t just the warm up that makes the sauna so alluring – it is the sudden cool down that invigorates – whether you roll in snow, jump into the lake or sit on a bench in the breeze till you have goosebumps.

You know the Finns say, “A house without a sauna is not a home.”  If a sauna is something you’d like to add to your vacation home wish list, here are 5 properties with saunas we have listed:

Crystal Lake 2 Bedroom CabinSeeley Hills 3 Bedroom with Screen PorchNordmor Village 3 Bedroom, Seeley Hills 2 Bedroom and Garage, and King’s Lodge Lake Wilipyro Chalet.


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