mine drill site mine paul demain camp road0002Yesterday while driving towards Ashland, I heard on Public Radio that the Iron Cty Forestry dept. announced that they would be condemning the LCO Harvest camp because according to the forestry rules, there was no camping allowed for longer than 14 days.  The LCO tribe has been camped at their location for months in order to watchover what the Gogebic Taconite Company is doing—G-Tac plans to create the largest open pit mine in the world by removing the top layer of the beautiful Penokee Mt. Range in Ashland and Iron Cty.  It will be a 1000 foot deep pit 22 miles long.  They must be stopped.  There is no way that they can mine this pristine area without doing irreparable harm to the environment, the watershed, and our groundwater.  After visiting with the tribal members that are manning the camp I took a hike up to the top where the mining company had done drilling for core samples.  As I walked up hill higher and higher, I was amazed at the amount of water that was spilling on to the path I was walking on.  This particular area is the recharge station for the underground aquifers in our area and ultimately Lake Superior.  I am not a scientist, but, I know what they are proposing to do is absolute insanity, and those of us that love the Northwoods, lakes and streams and critters need to speak out against this foolish proposal.

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