Services Offered

Buyer’s Agent

When a buyer signs a Buyer’s Agency agreement with King Realty s/he is entitled to valuable services.  A Buyer’s Agency allows King Realty to consider properties listed by other brokers in the MLS, properties “for sale by owner” (FSBO), and, most importantly, properties not on the market that may fit your needs.  Without a signed Buyer’s Agency agreement, we can only show the buyer MLS properties and possibly FSBOs.  Sometimes the perfect and most desirable property for a buyer is not listed but can be obtained with the right approach.  At King Realty real estate information is our business.  We can put our information to work for you with a Buyer’s Agency agreement.

As a Buyer’s Agent, we act solely on behalf of the buyer, and this allows us to disclose all the facts we know about a property including, for example, knowledge about a seller’s willingness to accept a lower price.  At the same time, we will keep the buyer’s incentives and motivations confidential.

Seller’s Agent

When we list a property for sale we spend time listening to the seller to learn all the features and benefits of the property and to learn what the property owner loves most about it.  We photograph the property and might have a virtual tour produced.  We write copy and list the property on this web site.  We enter the property in the Northwestern Wisconsin MLS and in the Superior Area Association of Realtors MLS.  Finally, we consider who will want and need this property in order to customize the best advertising and marketing plan for it.

We show the property, write and entertain offers to purchase, and we set up all aspects of closing for the sale.

As Seller’s Agent, we legally represent your best interest.  That means we will fully disclose to you all the facts we know that might affect your decision to accept an offer to purchase on your property.

If you are interested in selling, please browse through our web site.  Don’t miss our “Sold” section.  This web site has been a very effective selling tool for our listed properties.

Market Analysis

A market analysis gives the seller a comparative idea of their property’s worth in order to set a selling price.  King Realty can compare your property with others that are similar to it and that are currently listed or have recently sold.  King Realty determines value ranges for properties by using proven techniques applied by real estate appraisers. King Realty does not charge for a Market Analysis.

Personalized Area Education

When you know you love Northwestern Wisconsin but you’re not sure which lake you prefer, how much space you need or which town appeals to you most, King Realty can help guide you around.  This is the first step in your north woods education.

Instead of looking at specific properties, we steer you along self-guided tours of the area.  We can suggest lake drives, hikes, bike and ski trails, fishing spots, restaurants and shopping districts.  Then we can help you choose properties to view in areas that interest you the most.  With advance planning we can arrange boat tours of lakes that you have targeted for property showings.