Many people are familiar with Lake Namakagon and Lake Owen in Cable, WI – both large, premiere lakes that offer thousands of acres of water for boating, fishing and water sports.

But the Cable Area also has more than 193 other lakes – each with their own character, water quality and scenic virtue.  These mostly smaller lakes offer a different experience than a recreation lake.  Many are uncrowded,  quiet lakes – non-motorized or with wake rules.  Many are extremely clear and excellent for kayaking, snorkeling and swimming and fishing.  Usually these lakes receive far less public pressure and many have no public access at all.

This is the first in a series of articles designed to inform you about the smaller lakes in the Cable Area.


Located just west of Cable, WI, Cable and Wiley Lakes are separate body of waters that join together at a narrows on the north end of Cable Lake. Cable Lake is 159 acres and is 43 feet deep.  It has islands and bays and a public boat landing.  The bottom is 50% sand and gravel and 50% muck.  Wiley Lake is 57 acres and is 25 feet deep.  Wiley’s bottom is 35% sand, 49% gravel, 5% rock and 11% muck.

Both Cable Lake and Wiley Lake are drainage lakes.  This means they have an inlet and an outlet such as small creeks and streams that contribute water to the lake basin in addition to rainfall.   Both Cable Lake and Wiley Lake are moderately clear.  They both have an average summer Mesotrophic reading of 45.  This is excellent for Deep Headwater lakes.  (Deep Headwater lakes stratify during the summer months and have a watershed area of less than 4 miles.)  Fishing is great for panfish, large mouth bass and northern in these lakes.  The Cable Lake Association actively protects the natural beauty and water quality of both lakes.

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