31_ft-_deep_private_lakeWaterfront property is a big investment.  Northern Wisconsin lakes come in all sizes with a variety of lake activity suited to their surroundings.  Many are great fishing lakes.  Some are made for pleasure craft and recreation boating.  Some show off best with quiet use.

When considering buying lake property make certain you know what you expect to experience on the lake.  Ask yourself why you want to live on a lake.  Write a list of desired lake features.  Sand beach? Natural shoreline?  Quiet retreat?  Social setting? Great fishing? Great swimming?  Be honest with your thinking and don’t settle for less.  A lake property with your expectations does exist for you.

Lake size and lake depth determine how you will enjoy your lake, too.  Larger lakes are more conducive to boating activities.  Wisconsin law requires slow no wake on lakes that are 100 acres or less.  Many lakes have local boating ordinances that may specify times when waterskiing is allowed.  Larger lakes may have more fishing diversity – but the fish are harder to find.  Smaller lakes may have more available nutrients, and, though there may fewer fish, they might be larger.

Water clarity (how far under water you can see) is a good question to ask about a lake.  Studies have shown that clearer lakes draw more value for properties.  Clear water makes it easier for fish to see food.  Clear water usually means there will be more oxygen in the water, and it also affects water temperature.

207_feet_of_level_frontageAnother aspect to consider before buying your lake property is the general culture of the lake.  Check out the lake association, if one exists – it will give you an idea of what most people like about the lake.  You do not want to be the only jet skier on a lake where the property owners prefer sailing and kayaking.

Most important – be aware of the added responsibility you take on when you buy lakefront property.  If you want to protect and even increase your lakefront investment, you must commit yourself to keeping your lake clean and healthy.

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