Home dock1Looking for a lake home or cabin?  It cannot be emphasized enough that you should start your search by deciding on the lake itself.  All lakes are not the same, and they don’t provide the same experiences.  You can remodel your home, make additions to it or build a garage — BUT altering the lake?  That would be very difficult if not impossible to do by yourself.

Some things to consider when you choose a lake are water quality, the amount of privacy and the depth of the lake.  How will you use the lake?   Swimming, fishing, boating, waterskiing — make sure these are activities you can actually do on the lake.  Fishing is frustrating if you have water skiers zooming by all the time.  But only catching suckers is equally frustrating.

Find out if there is a lake association.  If so, does the association monitor the lake’s water quality?  You can learn a lot about a lake by talking to people who live on it.

If you are looking for that lake perfect for you and your family – you can find a wealth of information at the Wisconsin DNR site:  Click on “Find” a lake and select Northern WI.  Then choose Bayfield or Sawyer County (our area).  From there you can select critieria like size or even specific fish in the waters.  Each lake also has more information regarding water quality data collected over the years, the presence of invasive species, the fish species present, information about public access and any special regulations in place.

March is a good time to begin your lake search process.

Once you have narrowed your search – contact us at King Realty.  Our real estate agents are knowledgeable about lake homes on the market in our area, shoreline zoning regulations, lakes without public access that ensure extra privacy and the best fishing lakes —- just ask us!

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