Going Green

At King Realty we know the success of our business depends upon a clean environment – clean water, beautiful wooded settings and lots and lots of fresh air.  Our Cable area communities deserve the best effort from us to protect our valuable and beautiful natural resources that characterize the quality of life in the north woods for visitors, home owners and prospective home buyers.  Conservation of energy and natural resources is one of the best ways to preserve and protect the natural beauty of our northern Wisconsin lakes, streams and forests.

Going green is an ongoing activity for King Realty.  We pledge to do what we can as a business to decrease environmental problems linked to pollution, resource loss and non-renewable energy. As we seek improvement we constantly re-assess our activities to move towards environmental, social and economic sustainability.

We promote silent sports as both participants in and sponsors of area ski and bike races.  We promote responsible and limited development. We set up consultations between buyers and zoning officials to ensure their property plans meet environmental regulations. We encourage property restoration as opposed to tear-down and build-new practices and help home owners find recycled materials to complete their restoration projects. A personal example is Bill King’s downtown restoration of Cable’s first general store and warehouse. These once distressed properties are now beautiful, polished bits of history that house the Ideal Market & Rivers Eatery.

We are proud of our King Realty staff’s environmental history.  Bill held a 6-year position on the Cable Natural History Museum board (2000 – 2006) and remains an active museum member. The museum is nationally renowned for its environmental education program.  Wendy is a volunteer water quality lake monitor for the WI DNR and is a Loon Ranger with the Sigurd Olson Institute at Northland College in Ashland, WI.

Bill King on Mountain BikeAs a company we pledge to implement green business practices. We recycle as much as we can, buy office paper products that are 30% to 100% post consumer recycles and use electronic files when it is feasible. Our break area is stocked with reusable dinnerware, and we use Green shopping bags for trips to the store for coffee and supplies. Our exterior lighting is minimal and is set on a timer. We save energy year round with a set-back thermostat for winter heating and open doors in the summer for natural air conditioning.

One of our greatest business expenses is gasoline because showing properties is our business, and in the north woods our properties are usually miles apart. We try to save gas mileage with our Ford Escape Hybrid and SAAB compact and even some days make it to work on a bike or Vespa scooter.  King Realty will continue to plant its green footprint as we consider and explore all options to continue growing green.

As a real estate company we are devoted stewards of our northern Wisconsin communities. We hold ourselves responsible to educate our customers about natural resource management and to show them the natural beauty of our area that requires we all tread lightly here.  King Realty considers itself an integral part of our community – that includes our staff, our sellers and buyers and the Cable area community in which we live. While we cannot make any more land – we can preserve, beautify and sustain what we have.  While we cannot make our lakes naturally larger to accommodate more and more people, we can keep them clean and healthy for the enjoyment of generations to come.

Growing green, as individuals, as businesses and as communities, is the beginning of solving universal environmental problems.  At King Realty we love the area we serve and are dedicated to invest time and energy to ensure our north woods communities and environment remain most appealing for those who live here and for those contemplating a home in our beautiful north woods.