The first weekend of March is special to Aldo Leopold fans.  That weekend people around Wisconsin celebrate our respect for nature and land as taught to us by Aldo Leopold – the Father of Modern Conservation.

Leopold, a Wisconsin native, published “A Sand County Almanac” in 1949.   The book introduced Leopold’s theory of the Land Ethic – that land belongs to all, including non-humans and that public and private ownership of land carries responsibilities to maintain the land community. He was a hunting sportsman, a bit of a botanist, a limnologist and a biologist who philosophized about the relationship between people and nature.  After years of observation, Leopold concluded that land needed to be viewed as a community – a community that includes non-human elements:  soil, water, plants and animals.  Pretty much his discovery of the Land Ethic set the basis for what we call ecology today.

Read more about Leopold and the Aldo Leopold Foundation by clicking here.

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