We live in a 4 season climate with at least 4 months of winter, and many people think it prudent to wait until Spring to list their home for sale.  However – here are several reasons why listing your home in winter is a smart thing to do.

1.  Spring is when everyone decides to list their homes.  That means higher supply, more competition and lower values for all.  With less competition, by marketing your home early you may be able to secure a higher price.

2. Listing early may get you an advantage selling when most sellers are waiting for Spring to list.

3. Buyers who start looking in winter, especially at lake homes,  tend to be more qualified and more serious.

4. If you are planning to sell and then buy a new home – timing for you is better to list and sell in winter.  Then you may have first dibs on the abundant Spring inventory.

5. In the past, reasons for not listing in winter included bad weather that inhibits buyers from scheduling showings and shorter daylight hours.  Now we know that 9 of 10 home buyers search online for homes at all hours of the day.  Online shopping cuts time for buyers – and does not impede their searches in winter months.

So while many people question whether the winter months are a good time to sell a home, you can see there are several distinct advantages to putting your home up or leaving it on the market during wintertime.  If you really want to sell your home – absolutely  market it in the winter!

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